Friday, April 08, 2016

Distance Training for Agility

Bandit and I are currently taking a distance Agility class through the Fenzi Academy.  We have really only gotten started.

The first thing that we did for the class was identify our "base cues".  These are the cues that I will take the time to train with him as his foundation.

The base cues that I have chosen for Bandit are:

"Go", which will mean "run out and take whatever is directly ahead of you and keep running forward"

"Fly", which will mean, "go out to take something and come back to me"

"Out", which will mean, "go out and stay 'out there' taking equipment, or take the far side of a discrimination"

"Here", which will indicate the close side of a discrimination.

"Switch", which will mean "flip away from me as I flip toward you to change sides"

I am also considering right and left directionals, but I am going to focus on the more basic cues first.

I like having this very specific plan for Bandit's training.

In the class we are training our base cues on cones.  This video is Bandit's "baseline" video for his cone work.

He did a send out with me doing a front cross and a send out with me handling it as a wrap.  Both of these could be "fly" or "out" skills, depending on the context of the course.  And then we worked on a "pass by", which sets us up for a "go" or "out", again, depending on the course.

Bandit's drive and speed amaze me.  He locks in on the task (flying around the cone) and he just throws all of himself into it!

I am not used to that at all!

I am looking forward to working through the rest of this class with him!


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